Balloon Juice Blog: A Snarky and Smart Place for Political Junkies

Balloon Juice Blog

If you are looking for a blog that covers US politics with a dose of humor, sarcasm, and insight, you might want to check out Balloon Juice Blog. Balloon Juice is a blog that was launched in 2002 by John Cole, a former Republican who became disillusioned with his party and switched to the Democrats.

The blog features a variety of writers and commenters who share their opinions, analysis, and personal stories on topics ranging from elections, legislation, foreign policy, media, culture, and more. Balloon Juice is not your typical political blog.

It is a place where you can find lively debates, witty jokes, cute animal pictures, gardening tips, recipes, and even postcards. In this article, we will give you an overview of what Balloon Juice is all about, why you should read it, and how you can join the community.

What is Balloon Juice?

Balloon Juice is a term that means “nonsense” or “empty talk”. According to, the phrase was an infrequent one until John Cole started his blog with that name in 2002. Cole initially used the blog as a personal outlet to express his views on politics and other issues.

He was a conservative who supported the Bush administration and the Iraq war, but he gradually became disillusioned with the Republican party and its policies. He started to criticize the GOP and its leaders, and eventually became a Democrat in 2007.

He also invited other writers to join his blog, some of whom had different political perspectives and backgrounds. Today, Balloon Juice has a diverse team of writers who cover various topics related to US politics and beyond. Some of the current writers include:

  • Adam L. Silverman: A former US Army officer and national security expert who writes about foreign affairs, military issues, security, and culture.
  • Anne Laurie: A Boston-based writer who covers news, media, culture, and gardening.
  • Betty Cracker: A Florida-based writer who writes about politics, media, culture, and animals.
  • Cheryl Rofer: A retired chemist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory and writes about science, technology, environment, and nuclear issues.
  • David Anderson: A health policy researcher who writes about health care, insurance, economics, and policy.
  • DougJ: A mysterious writer who posts under various pseudonyms and writes about politics, media, culture, and music.
  • John Cole: The founder of the blog who writes about politics, media, culture, personal stories, and his pets.
  • TaMara: A Colorado-based writer who writes about cooking, baking, gardening, animals, and personal stories.
  • Tom Levenson: A professor of science writing at MIT who writes about science, history, culture, and art.
  • WaterGirl: The site manager who handles the technical aspects of the blog and also writes about various topics.

Balloon Juice also features guest posts from other writers and experts on occasion. The blog has a large and active community of commenters who contribute to the discussions and share their own opinions and experiences.

The commenters are known as “jackals” because of their snarky and sometimes vicious remarks. However, they are also supportive and helpful to each other when needed. The blog has a strong sense of camaraderie and humor among its writers and commenters.

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Why Should You Read Balloon Juice Blog?

Balloon Juice is a blog that offers a unique perspective on US politics and other issues. It is not a partisan or ideological blog that blindly follows a party line or agenda.

It is a blog that challenges assumptions, questions authority, exposes hypocrisy, and calls out bullshit. It is also a blog that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, empathy, and compassion. It is a blog that does not take itself too seriously and knows how to have fun.

Some of the reasons why you should read Balloon Juice are:

  • You will learn something new every day. Balloon Juice Blog covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to the current events and issues in the US and around the world. You will find informative posts that explain complex concepts in simple terms, provide historical context, offer analysis, and suggest solutions. You will also find posts that introduce you to new ideas, perspectives, and sources that you might not encounter elsewhere.
  • You will be entertained every day. Balloon Juice Blog is not a dry or boring blog that only reports facts and figures. It is a blog that injects humor, sarcasm, and wit into its posts. You will find posts that make fun of politicians, media figures, celebrities, and other public figures who deserve ridicule. You will also find posts that share funny stories, jokes, memes, videos, and pictures that will make you laugh or smile.
  • You will be inspired every day. Balloon Juice Blog is not a cynical or pessimistic blog that only focuses on the negative aspects of politics and society. It is a blog that recognizes the positive aspects of politics and society as well. You will find posts that celebrate the achievements, progress, and victories of people who are working for a better world. You will also find posts that encourage you to take action, get involved, and make a difference in your own way.
  • You will be part of a community every day. Balloon Juice Blog is not a lonely or isolated blog that only talks to itself. It is a blog that invites you to join the conversation and interact with other people who share your interests and values. You will find posts that ask for your opinions, feedback, and suggestions. You will also find posts that offer you support, advice, and resources when you need them.

How Can You Join Balloon Juice Blog?

Balloon Juice is a blog that welcomes you to become a part of its community. There are several ways you can join Balloon Juice Blog and enjoy its benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Visit the blog regularly. The easiest way to join Balloon Juice Blog is to visit the blog regularly and read the posts that interest you. You can also subscribe to the blog via email or RSS feed to get notified of new posts. You can also follow the blog on Twitter and Facebook to get updates and interact with other followers.
  • Comment on the posts. The best way to join Balloon Juice Blog is to comment on the posts that interest you and join the discussions with other commenters. You can register for an account on the blog and create a username and password to comment. You can also use your existing WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook account to comment. You can also use an avatar or a gravatar to personalize your comments. You can comment on any topic that is relevant to the post, but you should follow some basic rules of etiquette and civility. You should respect other commenters and their opinions, even if you disagree with them. You should avoid personal attacks, insults, trolling, spamming, and other disruptive behaviors. You should also use appropriate language and avoid profanity, slurs, and hate speech.
  • Participate in the activities. Another way to join Balloon Juice Blog is to participate in the activities that the blog organizes or supports. You can find various activities that suit your interests and preferences on the blog. Some of the activities include:
    • Postcard writing: A campaign that involves writing and sending postcards to voters in key states or districts to encourage them to vote or support a specific candidate or issue.
    • Pet calendar: A fundraiser that involves submitting pictures of your pets and buying calendars that feature them.
    • Book club: A group that involves reading and discussing books that are recommended by the writers or commenters of the blog.
    • Gardening chat: A chat that involves sharing tips, pictures, and stories about gardening.
    • Recipe exchange: An exchange that involves sharing recipes, pictures, and stories about cooking and baking.
    • Music thread: A thread that involves sharing songs, videos, and stories about music.
  • Donate to the blog. Another way to join Balloon Juice Blog is to donate to the blog and help it maintain its quality and operation. You can donate any amount you want via PayPal or credit card on the blog’s sidebar. You can also donate via check or money order by mailing it to John Cole at the address provided on the blog’s sidebar. Your donation will help pay for the hosting, maintenance, security, and improvement of the blog.

Balloon Juice Blog is a blog that offers you a snarky and smart place for political junkies. It is a blog that provides you with information, entertainment, inspiration, and community.

It is a blog that invites you to join its community and enjoy its benefits. If you are looking for a blog that covers US politics with a dose of humor, sarcasm, and insight, you might want to check out Balloon Juice Blog.

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