Celtic Blog: A Guide to the Best Sources of News and Analysis for Celtic FC Fans

Celtic Blog

If you are a fan of Celtic FC, you probably want to keep up with the latest news, rumors, analysis, and opinions about your favorite club. But where can you find reliable and engaging sources of information that cater to your interests and passions? In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best Celtic blogs that you can follow online.

These are websites that are run by dedicated and knowledgeable fans who share their insights, views, and emotions about the Hoops. Whether you are looking for match previews and reviews, transfer updates, historical articles, or fan podcasts, you will find something that suits your taste and preference among these Celtic blogs.

The Celtic Blog

The Celtic Blog is one of the most popular and prolific Celtic blogs on the web. It was founded in 2005 by James Forrest, a lifelong Celtic supporter and author of several books on the club. The Celtic Blog covers all aspects of Celtic FC, from the first team to the academy, from domestic competitions to European adventures, from current affairs to historical retrospectives.

The Celtic Blog also features guest writers who contribute their own perspectives and opinions on various topics related to the club. The Celtic Blog is not afraid to be critical, controversial, or humorous when it comes to expressing its views on Celtic FC and Scottish football in general. If you are looking for a Celtic blog that is informative, entertaining, and passionate, you should check out The Celtic Blog.


If you are a fan of both Celtic FC and the Boston Celtics, you might be interested in CelticsBlog, a website that covers the NBA team with the same name and colors as the Scottish club. CelticsBlog is part of SB Nation, a network of sports blogs that provide comprehensive coverage of various teams and leagues.

CelticsBlog was launched in 2004 by Jeff Clark, a lifelong Boston Celtics fan who wanted to create a community for other fans to share their thoughts and feelings about the team.

CelticsBlog offers news, analysis, commentary, podcasts, and videos on everything related to the Boston Celtics, from game recaps and previews to trade rumors and draft prospects.

CelticsBlog also has a vibrant forum where fans can interact with each other and discuss various topics related to the team and the NBA. If you are looking for a Celtic blog that covers basketball instead of soccer, you should visit CelticsBlog.

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CelticFCNews.com is a website that aggregates all the latest news and transfers related to Celtic FC from various sources on the web. It is a convenient and easy way to stay updated on what is happening at your club without having to visit multiple websites or scroll through social media feeds.

CelticFCNews.com collects headlines and snippets from reputable sources such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels that cover Celtic FC and Scottish football. You can browse through the headlines and click on the ones that interest you to read the full articles or watch the videos on their original websites.

You can also filter the news by categories such as match reports, player news, manager news, transfer news, etc. If you are looking for a Celtic blog that provides a comprehensive overview of all the latest news and transfers related to your club, you should bookmark CelticFCNews.com.

The Celtic Underground

The Celtic Underground is a website that hosts one of the longest-running and most popular fan podcasts about Celtic FC. It was started in 2006 by Harry Brady (a.k.a. The Cynic), a diehard Celtic fan who wanted to create an alternative media platform for other fans to voice their opinions and emotions about the club.

The Celtic Underground podcast features regular hosts and guests who discuss various topics related to Celtic FC, such as match reviews and previews, player ratings, transfer rumors, historical trivia, etc.

The podcast also interviews former players, managers, journalists, authors, musicians, comedians, and celebrities who are connected to or fans of Celtic FC. The podcast is available on various platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.

The website also features articles and blogs written by contributors who share their views and analysis on different aspects of Celtic FC. If you are looking for a Celtic blog that offers an engaging and entertaining podcast about your club, you should listen to The Celtic Underground.


These are some of the best Celtic blogs that you can follow online if you are a fan of Celtic FC. They offer different types of content that cater to different tastes and preferences among fans.

They are run by passionate and knowledgeable fans who love their club and want to share their insights and opinions with other fans. They are informative, entertaining, and engaging sources of information that will keep you updated and entertained about your club.

Whether you want to read articles or blogs, listen to podcasts or watch videos about your club; whether you want news or analysis; whether you want facts or opinions; whether you want humor or controversy; whether you want history or current affairs; you will find something that suits your interest and passion among these Celtic blogs.

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