Duggar Family Blog: A Window into the Lives of a Large Christian Family

Duggar Family Blog

The Duggar family is one of the most well-known and controversial families in America. They rose to fame with their reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, which documented their lives as a conservative Christian family with 19 children. The show ran for 10 seasons from 2008 to 2015 and was followed by a spin-off series, Counting On, which focused on older children and their marriages and families.

The Duggar family has also been the subject of several scandals, such as the revelation that their eldest son, Josh, had molested several of his sisters and a family friend when he was a teenager and that he had cheated on his wife, Anna, with multiple women. The family has also faced criticism for their strict beliefs and practices, such as homeschooling their children, banning dating and birth control, and adhering to a patriarchal and fundamentalist version of Christianity.

Despite the controversies and challenges, the Duggar family has maintained a loyal fan base and a strong online presence. They have an official website, duggarfamily.com, where they share updates, photos, videos, recipes, and blog posts about their family life. They also have a Facebook page, The Original Duggar Family Fan Blog, where they interact with their fans and post announcements and messages. In addition, some of the Duggar children have their own social media accounts and blogs, where they showcase their personal interests, hobbies, careers, and families.

What can you find on the Duggar family blog?

The Duggar family blog is a platform where the family members share their thoughts, opinions, experiences, and testimonies with their fans and followers. The blog covers a variety of topics, such as:

Why do people follow the Duggar family blog?

The Duggar family blog has attracted millions of fans and followers over the years who are interested in learning more about the family’s unique lifestyle and culture. Some of the reasons why people follow the Duggar family blog are:

  • Curiosity: Some people are curious about how the Duggar family manages to raise 19 children in a modern society that is very different from their own. They want to see how the family copes with the challenges and joys of having such a large family. They also want to see how the children grow up and make their own decisions about their education, career, marriage, and parenthood.
  • Admiration: Some people admire the Duggar family for their faith, values, and commitment to each other. They appreciate the family’s positive and wholesome image and message. They also respect the family’s courage and resilience in the face of adversity and criticism. They look up to the family as role models and examples of how to live a godly and happy life.
  • Entertainment: Some people enjoy the Duggar family blog for its entertainment value and variety. They find the family’s stories, videos, and photos amusing and engaging. They also like to participate in the family’s activities, games, and contests. They have fun watching the family’s adventures, celebrations, and surprises.

How can you interact with the Duggar family blog?

The Duggar family blog is not only a source of information and entertainment, but also a platform for interaction and communication. The Duggar family welcomes feedback, comments, questions, suggestions, and requests from their fans and followers. They also encourage their fans and followers to share their own stories, testimonies, recipes, tips, and more with them. Some of the ways you can interact with the Duggar family blog are:

  • Commenting: You can comment on the blog posts and express your thoughts, opinions, feelings, and reactions. You can also ask questions or request more information about the topics or events covered in the blog. You can also reply to other comments and join the discussion with other fans and followers.
  • Liking: You can like the blog posts and show your support and appreciation for the family’s content. You can also like other comments and show your agreement or approval for what others have said.
  • Sharing: You can share the blog posts with your friends, family, or social media networks and spread the word about the Duggar family blog. You can also share your own content with the family and send them photos, videos, messages, or links that you think they would enjoy or benefit from.
  • Subscribing: You can subscribe to the Duggar family blog and receive email notifications whenever there is a new post or update. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel, where they post more videos of their family life. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest for more updates and content.


The Duggar family blog is a window into the lives of a large Christian family that has captivated millions of people with their reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting. The blog offers a glimpse into their faith, values, culture, and lifestyle through various topics such as family news and events, recipes and tips, fun and entertainment, and more.

The blog also invites fans and followers to interact with them through commenting, liking, sharing, subscribing, and more. The Duggar family blog is a way for the family to share their story, inspire others, and connect with their fans.

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