Harry Markle Blog: A Critical and Satirical Look at the Sussex Saga

Harry Markle Blog

If you are a fan of the British royal family, or rather, a fan of watching the drama and scandals that surround them, you might have heard of the Harry Markle Blog. This is a popular online platform that offers a critical and satirical perspective on the lives and actions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Harry Markle Blog, which has been on WordPress since 2018, claims to have exclusive access to insider information, accurate reporting, and engaging content formats. The blog covers various topics related to the Sussexes, such as their controversial interviews, their Netflix deals, their lawsuits, their charity work, their family relations, and their alleged hypocrisy and manipulation.

The blog has thousands of subscribers on Substack, a platform that allows writers to create newsletters and podcasts. The blog also has a lively community of readers who discuss and debate the articles and share their opinions on the Sussex saga.

Why is the Harry Markle Blog so popular?

The Harry Markle Blog is not the only online platform that criticizes or mocks the Sussexes. There are many other blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and social media accounts that do the same. However, the Harry Markle Blog stands out for several reasons:

  • It has a distinctive voice and style. The blog is written in a witty and sarcastic tone, with catchy titles, humorous images, and clever wordplay. The blog often refers to Prince Harry as “TOS” (The Other Son), “S P A R E” (Self-Pitying And Ranting Egotist), or “Harold”. It also calls Meghan Markle as “TW” (The Wife), “Megs”, or “Bacon”. The blog also uses various hashtags, such as #VoetsekMeghan (a South African term meaning “go away”), #SussexSquid (a reference to their Netflix deal), or #SnifflesSussex (a reference to Prince Harry’s alleged drug use).
  • It has a loyal and active fan base. The blog has attracted many readers who share its views and sentiments on the Sussexes. The readers often comment on the articles, express their support or disagreement, ask questions, or share additional information or insights. The blog also encourages its readers to participate in polls, quizzes, or contests. The blog also occasionally features guest posts from its readers or other bloggers.
  • It has a consistent and frequent output. The blog posts new articles almost every week, sometimes even more than once a week. The blog also updates its readers on the latest news or developments related to the Sussexes. The blog also produces special editions or series on certain occasions or themes, such as the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, or the anniversary of their Oprah interview.

What are some of the controversies or criticisms of the Harry Markle Blog?

The Harry Markle Blog is not without its controversies or criticisms. Some of the issues that have been raised by its detractors are:

  • It is biased and unfair. Some people argue that the blog is too harsh and negative towards the Sussexes, and that it does not give them a fair chance or acknowledge their positive contributions. They claim that the blog is motivated by jealousy, hatred, racism, or sexism, and that it spreads lies, rumors, or misinformation about the Sussexes.
  • It is disrespectful and offensive. Some people argue that the blog is too rude and vulgar towards the Sussexes, and that it crosses the line of decency and civility. They claim that the blog insults, mocks, or bullies the Sussexes, and that it violates their privacy, dignity, or human rights.
  • It is irrelevant and outdated. Some people argue that the blog is too obsessed and fixated on the Sussexes, and that it does not reflect the reality or importance of their situation. They claim that the blog is wasting its time and energy on a trivial matter, and that it should move on or focus on other topics.

How can you access or follow the Harry Markle Blog?

If you are interested in reading or following the Harry Markle Blog, you can access it through various platforms:

  • You can visit its main website on WordPress, where you can browse through its archive of articles dating back to 2018.
  • You can subscribe to its newsletter on Substack, where you can receive its latest articles in your email inbox.
  • You can follow its social media accounts on Twitter or Instagram, where you can get updates on its posts or interact with its community.
  • You can listen to its podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, where you can hear its commentary on audio format.


The Harry Markle Blog is one of the most popular and controversial online platforms that offer a critical and satirical look at the Sussex saga. Whether you agree or disagree with its views, you cannot deny that it provides an entertaining and informative experience for royal enthusiasts worldwide.

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