Linda Ikeji Blog: The Story of a Nigerian Blogger Who Made It Big

Linda Ikeji Blog

Linda Ikeji is a name that is synonymous with blogging in Nigeria. She is the founder and owner of one of the most popular and influential blogs in the country, Linda Ikeji Blog, which covers topics such as news, events, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, inspiration, and gossip. But how did she start her blogging journey and what are the secrets behind her success?

In this article, we will explore the story of Linda Ikeji, from her humble beginnings to her current status as a media mogul.

Who is Linda Ikeji?

Linda Ikeji was born on September 19, 1980, in Nkwerre, Imo State, Nigeria. She is the second of seven children in a middle-class family. She had a passion for writing from a young age and started writing short stories and articles when she was 10 years old. She also had a flair for news and current affairs and would read newspapers and magazines avidly.

She attended the University of Lagos, where she studied English Language. She graduated in 2004 and decided to pursue a career in journalism. However, she faced many challenges and rejections in the media industry and had to resort to odd jobs such as modeling, waitressing, and bartending to make ends meet.

How did she start blogging?

Linda Ikeji started blogging in 2006 as a hobby and a way to express herself. She had no formal training or experience in blogging and had to learn everything by herself. She used a free platform called Blogger and created a sub-domain called She did not have a personal computer or internet access at home, so she had to go to cybercafes to update her blog.

She blogged about anything that interested her, such as her personal life, opinions, social issues, celebrity news, and gossip. She also shared photos and videos of events and happenings around her. She did not have many readers or followers at first, but she was consistent and persistent in blogging. She also networked with other bloggers and online communities to promote her blog.

When did she become famous?

Linda Ikeji’s blog gradually gained popularity and recognition over the years. She became known for breaking exclusive news stories and scoops that other media outlets did not have access to. She also developed a loyal fan base that loved her style of writing and reporting. She became one of the most sought-after sources of information and entertainment in Nigeria.

She also started making money from her blog through advertising and sponsorship deals. She was able to afford her own laptop, internet connection, and other gadgets that made her blogging easier and faster. She also moved out of her family house and rented her own apartment in Surulere, Lagos.

In 2013, she bought her domain name and moved her blog from Blogger to WordPress. This gave her more control and flexibility over her blog design and features. She also hired staff members to help her run her blog operations.

In 2014, she bought a mansion worth N500 million ($1.3 million) in Banana Island, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Lagos. This was a huge achievement for her and a testament to her hard work and success.

In 2015, she was featured on Forbes Africa as one of the most prominent women in Africa. She was also listed among the 100 most influential people in Africa by New African magazine.

What are her other ventures?

Linda Ikeji is not just a blogger; she is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She has diversified her media empire into other platforms and businesses.

  • In 2016, she launched Linda Ikeji TV, an online television network that produces original content such as reality shows, documentaries, talk shows, movies, series, and live events.
  • Some of the popular shows on Linda Ikeji TV include Oyinbo Wives of Lagos, Gidi Girls, King Tonto, Toyin Abraham: True and Bare, Ajegunle With Love, Rumor Has It, The Report Card with Hero Daniels, Verified with Laura Ikeji, The Black Room with Latasha Ngwube, Self Made with Linda Ikeji TV Stars, etc.
  • She also launched Linda Ikeji Radio, an online radio station that broadcasts various programmes such as music, news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.
  • She also launched Linda Ikeji Social (LIS), a social networking platform that allows users to interact with each other and share content such as photos, videos, etc.
  • She also launched Linda Ikeji Music (LIM), an online music platform that showcases new and upcoming artists.
  • She also launched Linda Ikeji Studios (LIS), a production studio that offers services such as photography, videography, editing, animation, graphics, etc.
  • She also launched Linda Ikeji Fashion (LIF), an online fashion store that sells clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, etc.
  • She also launched Linda Ikeji Foundation (LIF), a non-governmental organization that supports and empowers young women and girls through education, entrepreneurship, and mentorship.

What are her challenges and controversies?

Linda Ikeji’s blog has not been without its fair share of challenges and controversies. She has faced several lawsuits, threats, criticisms, and attacks from individuals and organizations who felt offended or aggrieved by her blog posts. Some of the notable cases include:

  • In 2012, she was sued by Nigerian pop star Wizkid for defamation of character after she reported that he had fathered a child out of wedlock. The case was later settled out of court.
  • In 2014, she was sued by Nigerian billionaire Mike Adenuga for invasion of privacy after she posted photos of his mansion in Banana Island. The case was later dismissed by the court.
  • In 2014, she was sued by Nigerian actress Funke Akindele for libel after she reported that her marriage had crashed. The case was later withdrawn by the actress.
  • In 2014, she was sued by Nigerian singer D’banj for defamation of character after she reported that he was broke and in debt. The case was later settled out of court.
  • In 2016, her blog was shut down by Google for a few hours for alleged plagiarism and violation of terms of service. She claimed that it was a malicious attack by her enemies and that she had not infringed on anyone’s intellectual property rights.
  • In 2018, she was sued by Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel for defamation of character after she reported that he had impregnated a lady. The case is still pending in court.

What are her achievements and awards?

Linda Ikeji has received many accolades and awards for her blogging career and media business. Some of the notable ones include:

  • In 2012, she won the Best Entertainment Blog award at the Nigerian Blog Awards.
  • In 2013, she won the Blogger of the Year award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.
  • In 2014, she won the Website/Blog of the Year award at the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards.
  • In 2015, she won the Media Mogul of the Year award at the ELOY Awards.
  • In 2016, she won the African Media Influencer of the Year award at the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA).
  • In 2017, she won the African Blogger of the Year award at the Kids’ Choice Awards Africa.
  • In 2018, she won the Media Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Future Awards Africa.

What are her personal life and family?

Linda Ikeji is not married but has a son named Jayce who was born in 2018. She has not revealed the identity of the father of her child but has stated that he is a Delta-Igbo man who lives in America. She is also very close to her family and often features them on her blog and social media platforms.

She has six siblings: Sandra Ikeji (a wedding planner), Laura Ikeji (a fashion entrepreneur), Peks Ikeji (a social media influencer), Benita Ikeji (a banker), Edna Ikeji (an engineer), and Vera Ikeji (a lawyer).


Linda Ikeji is a remarkable woman who has risen from obscurity to fame and fortune through blogging. She is an inspiration to many young Nigerians who aspire to make a difference in their fields of endeavor. She is also a role model to many women who want to be independent and successful in their careers and businesses. She is a testament to the power of passion, persistence, and hard work.

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