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McHenry County Blog

If you are interested in what is happening in McHenry County, Illinois, you may want to check out the McHenry County Blog. This is a website that covers a variety of topics related to the county, such as politics, education, health, crime, business, and more. The blog is run by Cal Skinner, a former state representative and a longtime resident of McHenry County. In this article, we will give you an overview of what the McHenry County Blog is, what kind of content it offers, and why you might want to follow it.

What is the McHenry County Blog?

The McHenry County Blog is a journal of news and opinion designed to bring to light matters of public interest and to encourage public participation in the governmental process. The blog was started in 2005 by Cal Skinner, who served as a state representative for the 63rd District from 1973 to 2001. Skinner is also a former Crystal Lake City Council member and a former McHenry County Board member. He has a background in journalism and public relations, and he uses his experience and connections to provide insights and information that may not be available elsewhere.

The blog covers a wide range of topics related to McHenry County, such as:

  • Local elections and candidates
  • County board and committee meetings and actions
  • School district policies and budgets
  • Tax issues and referendums
  • Lawsuits and legal disputes
  • Crime and public safety
  • Health and environmental issues
  • Business and economic development
  • Community events and activities
  • Personal stories and opinions

The blog also features guest posts from other contributors, such as local activists, politicians, journalists, and residents. The blog welcomes comments from readers, who can share their views and feedback on the posts. However, the blog has some rules for commenting, such as:

  • No personal attacks or insults
  • No profanity or obscenity
  • No spam or advertising
  • No off-topic or irrelevant comments
  • No impersonation or misrepresentation

The blog reserves the right to delete or edit any comments that violate these rules or that are deemed inappropriate or offensive.

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What kind of content does the McHenry County Blog offer?

The McHenry County Blog offers a variety of content that can appeal to different audiences and interests. Some examples of the content that you can find on the blog are:

  • News articles: These are posts that report on current events and issues that affect McHenry County. For example, one recent news article discussed the confirmed E. coli outbreak at Huntley High School, which involved six students who were infected with the bacteria. The article provided information from the McHenry County Health Department and the Huntley School District on how they were responding to the outbreak and what precautions they were taking to prevent further spread.
  • Opinion pieces: These are posts that express the personal views and perspectives of the author or the guest contributor on various topics. For example, one recent opinion piece criticized the SAFE-T Act, which is a new law that reforms the pretrial release system in Illinois. The piece was written by Patrick Kenneally, who is the State’s Attorney for McHenry County. He argued that the law was endangering public safety by releasing dangerous defendants into the community without adequate supervision or accountability.
  • Photo tours: These are posts that showcase the beauty and diversity of McHenry County through photographs. For example, one recent photo tour featured the fall colors at Veteran Acres Park, which is a 140-acre park in Crystal Lake that offers hiking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a nature center. The post included several pictures of the park’s scenic views and wildlife.
  • Polls: These are posts that ask readers to vote on a question or an issue related to McHenry County. For example, one recent poll asked readers whether they supported or opposed a proposed property tax increase for the Crystal Lake Fire Protection District, which was on the ballot for the November 2022 election. The poll showed that 72% of the respondents opposed the tax increase, while 28% supported it.

Why should you follow the McHenry County Blog?

There are many reasons why you might want to follow the McHenry County Blog, such as:

  • You want to stay informed about what is happening in your county and how it affects you and your community.
  • You want to learn more about the people and organizations that shape your county’s policies and decisions.
  • You want to voice your opinions and participate in discussions with other readers who share your interests and concerns.
  • You want to discover new places and events that you can enjoy in your county.
  • You want to support local journalism and independent media that provide alternative perspectives and information.

The McHenry County Blog is a valuable resource for anyone who lives in or cares about McHenry County. It is updated regularly with fresh and relevant content that reflects the county’s diversity and dynamism. It is also a platform for civic engagement and dialogue that fosters a sense of community and democracy. If you are looking for a source of news and opinion for the local community, you should check out the McHenry County Blog. You can visit the blog’s website or follow it on Facebook or Twitter. You can also subscribe to the blog’s email newsletter or RSS feed to get the latest posts delivered to your inbox or your favorite reader.

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