Miss Mustard Seed Blog: A Source of Inspiration for Vintage Lovers

Miss Mustard Seed Blog

If you are looking for a blog that showcases creativity, vintage charm, and farmhouse elegance, you might want to check out Miss Mustard Seed’s blog. Miss Mustard Seed is the online alias of Marian Parsons, a wife, mother, paint enthusiast, lover of all things home and an entrepreneur, author, artist, designer, freelance writer & photographer.

In her blog, she shares her artistic endeavors, creative business tips, a slice of life stories, and all things home related. Whether you are interested in furniture makeovers, DIY projects, curated vintage finds, or home renovation, you will find something to inspire you on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog.

What You Can Expect from Miss Mustard Seed’s Blog

Miss Mustard Seed’s blog is divided into several categories that reflect her passions and interests. Here are some of the main categories and what you can expect from them:

All Things Home

This category covers everything related to home decor, design, and improvement. You will find posts about Miss Mustard Seed’s own home renovation projects, such as painting the exterior, installing doors to the dining room, or adding a custom-built shelf by the side door.

You will also find posts about her kitchen makeover, which involved taking down walls, installing new cabinets, countertops, appliances, and lighting. She also shares her sources and tips for finding and styling vintage pieces, such as green velvet seat covers for her barrel-back French chairs or a kitchen eating area light fixture.

Furniture Makeovers

This category is dedicated to Miss Mustard Seed’s passion for transforming old and worn-out furniture into beautiful and functional pieces. She uses various techniques such as painting, distressing, waxing, glazing, stenciling, decoupaging, and upholstering to give new life to furniture.

She also shares tutorials and videos on how to do these techniques yourself. Some of the furniture makeovers she has done include a blue dresser with floral transfers, a grain sack striped bench, a French-style desk, and a slip covered living room ottoman.

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Artistic Endeavors

This category showcases Miss Mustard Seed’s artistic talents and projects. She is an oil painter who specializes in landscapes and still life paintings. She sells her original paintings and prints on her online shop and also teaches online painting classes. She also shares her process and inspiration behind her paintings on her blog.

Some of the paintings she has featured include the Kent house, a commissioned piece for a historic home in Washington DC; the blue barns in winter, a personal favorite of hers; and the sunflower field in Provence, a painting inspired by her trip to France.

Creative Business

This category is for those who are interested in learning more about Miss Mustard Seed’s creative business journey and tips. She started her blog in 2009 as a way to promote her decorative painting and mural business. Since then, she has grown her blog into a successful brand that includes a line of milk paint products, books, fabric collections, workshops, and collaborations with other brands.

She also shares her insights and advice on topics such as branding, marketing, pricing, photography, social media, blogging, and more.

A Slice of Life

This category is where Miss Mustard Seed gets personal and shares stories from her life. She writes about her family, faith, hobbies, travels, health, and more. She also shares some of the challenges and struggles she has faced along the way, such as dealing with anxiety, moving across the country, or homeschooling her sons.

She also shares some of the joys and blessings she has experienced, such as celebrating milestones, exploring new places, or finding beauty in everyday things.

Why You Should Follow Miss Mustard Seed’s Blog

Miss Mustard Seed’s blog is more than just a collection of posts about home decor and DIY projects. It is also a source of inspiration, encouragement, and community for those who share her love for vintage style and creative living. By following her blog, you will not only learn new skills and ideas for your own home projects but also get to know Miss Mustard Seed as a person who has a genuine heart and passion for what she does.

You will also be able to connect with other like-minded readers who comment on her posts and share their own experiences and feedback.

If you are looking for a blog that will inspire you to move mountains in your home and in your life, you should definitely check out Miss Mustard Seed’s blog today!

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