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Updraft Blog

Weather is a topic that affects everyone, whether you are a farmer, a commuter, a skier, or a gardener. Weather can also be fascinating, complex, and sometimes unpredictable. That’s why many people in Minnesota and beyond turn to the Updraft blog for weather information and insight.

What is the Updraft blog?

The Updraft blog is a feature of MPR News, the public radio service of Minnesota Public Radio. The blog was launched in 2007 by Paul Huttner, the first chief meteorologist of MPR News. Huttner is a veteran meteorologist with over 30 years of experience in broadcast media, education, and consulting. He is also a certified broadcast meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society.

The Updraft blog covers weather and climate topics that are relevant to Minnesota and the surrounding region. The blog provides daily forecasts, weather alerts, historical data, climate trends, and scientific explanations. The blog also features stories, photos, videos, and podcasts that explore the impacts and implications of weather and climate on society, environment, and culture.

The Updraft blog is updated several times a day by Huttner and other contributors, such as Sven Sundgaard, Ron Trenda, Bill Endersen, and Mark Seeley. The contributors are all experienced and knowledgeable meteorologists who have worked in various sectors of the weather industry. They also interact with the readers through comments, questions, and social media.

Why should you read the Updraft blog?

The Updraft blog is not just another weather website. It is a source of weather information and insight that is tailored to the needs and interests of Minnesotans. Here are some reasons why you should read the Updraft blog:

  • You can get accurate and reliable weather forecasts for your location and activity. The Updraft blog uses data from multiple sources, such as the National Weather Service, NOAA, NASA, and private companies. The contributors also apply their own expertise and judgment to interpret the data and provide context and nuance.
  • You can learn more about the science behind the weather phenomena that affect your area. The Updraft blog explains the causes and effects of various weather events, such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards, droughts, floods, heat waves, cold snaps, and more. The blog also demystifies some common weather myths and misconceptions.
  • You can stay informed about the latest developments and research on climate change and its impacts on Minnesota and the world. The Updraft blog covers topics such as greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, extreme weather, sea level rise, melting glaciers, polar vortexes, El Niño/La Niña cycles, and more. The blog also discusses the potential solutions and actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  • You can enjoy the beauty and diversity of Minnesota’s weather through stunning images and videos. The Updraft blog showcases the work of professional and amateur photographers who capture the amazing scenes of nature in different seasons and locations. The blog also invites readers to submit their own photos and videos to share with others.
  • You can join a community of weather enthusiasts who share your passion and curiosity for weather. The Updraft blog encourages readers to participate in discussions, polls, quizzes, contests, surveys, and events related to weather and climate. The blog also connects readers with other resources and organizations that promote weather education and awareness.

How can you access the Updraft blog?

The Updraft blog is available online at mprnews.org/weather-and-climate/updraft. You can also access it through the MPR News app or website mprnews.org. You can also follow the Updraft blog on social media platforms such as Facebook facebook.com/minnesotapublicradio , Twitter @MPRweather, Instagram @mprnews, or YouTube youtube.com/user/MinnesotaPublicRadio.

You can also enable MPR News Weather on Alexa where our hosts deliver localized forecasts. You can also get metro, statewide forecasts and outdoor activity guides via the Outside in MN app. You can also text “weather” to 612-512-0111 to get daily morning weather forecasts from us.

The Updraft blog is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to know more about weather and climate in Minnesota and beyond. Whether you are looking for a forecast, a fact, or a fun story, you can find it on the Updraft blog. Check it out today and join the conversation!

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What are some popular articles on the Updraft blog?

Some popular articles on the Updraft blog are:

  • Supersized summer delivers near-record heat Tuesday: This article reports on the unusually warm temperatures in Minnesota in September 2023, which were 10 to 20 degrees above average. The article also explains the factors that contributed to the heat wave, such as a high-pressure system, a dry soil, and a lack of wind.
  • Northern lights could put on a show overnight: This article informs the readers about the possibility of seeing the aurora borealis or northern lights in Minnesota and nearby states on September 18, 2023. The article also provides some tips on how to view and photograph the aurora, as well as some scientific background on what causes the phenomenon.
  • Meaningful rainfall potential this weekend around Minnesota: This article discusses the prospects of getting some much-needed rain in Minnesota by the weekend of September 23-24, 2023. The article also analyzes the drought situation in the state and the impacts of climate change on precipitation patterns.

What is the MPR News app?

The MPR News app is a mobile application that allows you to access the content and features of MPR News, the public radio service of Minnesota Public Radio. With the MPR News app, you can:

  • Read the latest news and stories from Minnesota and beyond, covering topics such as politics, education, health, weather, and the environment.
  • Listen to live streams of MPR News, The Current, Classical, and other MPR stations.
  • Create a personalized playlist of audio stories and podcasts that you can listen to offline or on the go.
  • Bookmark your favorite stories and share them with others via email or social media.
  • Check the weather forecasts for your location and activity, and get alerts for severe weather conditions.
  • Explore photo galleries, videos, maps, charts, and interactive features that enhance your understanding of the news and stories.
  • Participate in polls, quizzes, surveys, and events related to weather and climate.
  • Contact MPR News reporters and editors with your questions, comments, or tips.

The MPR News app is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices, and on Google Play for Android devices. You can also learn more about the app on the MPR website. The MPR News app is a convenient and comprehensive way to stay informed and engaged with the news and stories that matter to you.

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